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 Long awaited bio....

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PostSubject: Long awaited bio....   Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:54 pm

So here is the outline for the bio of K'urn Blackwolf.

*Born so long ago I can't remember. I grew up the youngest with two older sisters.
*At an early age I hired on to a ship bound for riches. Two years out my leader fell to enemy action. Calling upon the gods to guide me. I took to the stern, dealing death along the way. I was struck and fell.
* Well into my journey to Valhalla, I awoke to find myself surrounded by orcs, in a room lit with unseen candles.
* These orc gods (gods, because they possessed powers truly worthy of gods) told me I would return to my home a warrior and that songs would be sung in my honor.
* I spent many days in the company of these gods, they were very happy to fight with me. It seemed they were learning from me as much as I was from them. We visited many strange lands in a ship like that of an eagle or hawk. They said the ship flew, though I never witnessed it.
* When I returned home, I learned that my brothers had been victorious. For my courage in turning the tide I was awarded my own vessel. 'The Wyvern'.
* While on a raid in the western sea, my crew and I learned that our homes had been raided by scraelings and that nothing was left. At this news, and fearing the gods had abandoned us, my crew and I began wandering the sea aimlessly, with no home to return to.
* For many years we hired out to various warlords, winning battle after battle. After a time, war began to loose its appeal on me.
* I remember the day I decided to give it up, for I had nothing to fight for. We had contracted with some young fellow from a place called Alba, he wanted me to overtake a ship and kill all abored. He paid me well, and I kept the ship, we found out later that it was a plot for the throne.
* I had enough. I left, bound to find the man I used to be.
* Thirteen days later I befriended a young man named Seeker. We traveled the lands of Middle Earth together for many years. It was soon after a beltain that Seeker began talking to me about the Fianna. I wanted no part of it, instead choosing to go it alone.
* After some time and Seeker making a nuisance of himself, I decided to try out this new unit.
*Rising quickly within the ranks, and becoming a leader of one of the septs. I had finally found the home I searched so desperately for.
*As time went on, and Middle Earth faltered, I had to move. Leaving my Tanasie to take charge I once again left, fearing I had lost my family forever.
*I spent some time wandering the seas alone.
*Finally I took a job to rid Angaron of a pirate who was plundering along their coast. After the deed was done their leaders could not to pay. I took livestock, supplies, and a daughter in lieu of coin.
*This girl, D'edra, would become my concubine. We traveled west to a far flung outpost, Barad'Dun.
*We lived several years in Barad'Dun, long enough to see and effect change within the land, and the seas around it. I took a leadership role within the realm and army of Barad'Dun. Led and taught many fine warriors, who would eventually take over where I left off.
*Alas, the roving spirit and troubles back east, led us away. The Wyvern was needed in the realm of Dur-Demarion. There we would settle until such a time as we are needed elsewhere. We now spend our time patrolling between the lands of Dur-Demarion and those of Sage Hill.

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PostSubject: Re: Long awaited bio....   Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:22 am

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Long awaited bio....
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