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 The Tale of the Wolver. the Biography of Faolan

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PostSubject: The Tale of the Wolver. the Biography of Faolan   Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:14 am

I dont remember much as a child. too many battles have been fought, many nights have been drunken, and much blood had been spilled.
but what i do remember is that my father died during the time i was born, in the middle of battle. so you can say i was born upon bloodstained ground. and my mother says i inhereted his warrior spirit.
he fought against men who wore crimson, and belived that the land was there's for the taking, as well as the people and animals with it.
My mother was pagan, who tought me the ways and spirit of the land, how the wind gave us breath, fire gave us creation, how earth gave us santuary, and how water gave us life. we lived in refuge deep within the forest, deeper then any man would dare go. and although we lived as hermits, we were not alone. for this forest was known for its spirits, its magick, and fey-folk that lived in it. there song and dance would light up the leaves within the trees and the night sky. it was also known for the wolf pack that protected the forest's boundary. its packleader, Duranius, was known to the land as BlackMane, for his distinguished dark fur and the Mane that covered him.

(looks distant for a second).. haha. i remember playing with the cubs within his pack as a child. i was just like one of them. so much so, that Duranius had come to call me Young Wolf, and he and my mother had agreed to name me Faolan, wich meant just that in our ancient tounge. he was likea father to me, he taught me how to fight, how to hunt, and everything ineed to know to surviveon my own.

those were the days... full of migick, adventure, bliss,and ignorence of the menin crimson who stodd outside of the forest wall with flame and axe in hand.

they started to burn the forest, to lead the wolf pack into a trap. they killed them, captured Duranius,and speared him to death. when they got to the cottagemy mother and i lived in, my mother told me to run, then drew her sword and fought madly,killing many of them befor getting cheap-shoted by a club across the head.they then persued to rape her, then throw her into the flame. they captured me while running, they put abag over my head and threwme into a cage. the next timei saw the light of day.. i was in Rome being sold for slavery. i was 9 yearsold

you know, i nver relly thought about howlucky i was to be bought by th family i did. although i was a slave, they taught me the roman way of life, how to be 'civilized' and whatnot. i never fit in, i always did what i could do distrupt there little order of things. for punishment they wipped me. but every night i prayed to Arwen, the Celtic God of Death, to come and rein destruction and vengance on these Romans. until finally, 7 years later, he answered me.

"why are we so sad?" i heard a voice saying this late one night. "why we hurt by there evil ways? are we thursting for vengance?" "what would you do for it? Yess. burn it all, burn it all down"
"dont worry, my son, i will protect you.."
i then got my belongings together, and proceded to burn the city, starting with the bed my owners were sleeping in. and funny enough, during this time, there was an army storming the gates wout side of Rome. i belived they were called the VisiGoths. that night, every Roman got what no man deserved. when i finally escaped the city, under cercumstances that i any sane person would deem impossoble, there stood in front of me tall figured robed in Black, with bronze armor and black hoods. (they looked like Ring Wraiths, this faction had some AWESOME garb)

i Then swore my Allegance to the Dark Order. Arwen told me of a land that is far away, where warriors from all over have come to colonate. this land was originally his, that, likemy home befor, had been infested by not just Romans, but Spartans, Vikings, Gauls, Egyptians, and pretty much every nation history had to offer. thename of this land was Broknarra.

i would much rather save you of the brutal crimes against humanity i did serving under the Dark Order. my blood thirst and rage had turned me into a ravenous monster, wich is how i became known as the Wolver. it was only two years and have spilled a life time of blood. those were Evil times.

This came to an end when i had a dream of my Mother, and Duranius. they weretelling me that no amount of blood is going to extinquish the flame of rage in my heart. they told me that i needed to break away from the order, for it was my path in life. when i confronted Arwen of this news, he was not happy. heonly asked me one question "Are you final in your decision?" i told him yes, then he imediatly stabbed me in the gut. "As final as Death?" then left me to die.

During my time within the Ream of the Dead, i saw all the faces of the people i have wronged, there spirits still bloody from the wounds i gave them. i began to cry for them. i shed a tear for everyone i killed. then i awoke to the face of a beautiful maiden. She then taught me peace, love, and overall, forgivness. lessons of humanity i seems to have forgotten. for another year i dint have the need to fight anymore.

She was always talking about leaving this realm, but wasnever able to. the curse of her blood trapped her there. but she told me she was content because i lived with her. i wasnt native born to Broknarra, so i wanst bound to the land. wich seems to be the curse ofthe place. but just when i began to live again, a nightmare awaited me.

Still to this day i dont know who did it, but she was murdered and did a successful job of framing me. i dont know why, perhaps for something i did during my times in the Order. i just dont know. but the discovery sent me into a animalistic fit of rage that didnt help my case. i was banned from the land, deeming too dangerous for society. while living out in the wild, much like a Lone Wolf, my mother came to me in another dream, she told me of a land far to the west, named Barad'Dun. and to not worry about the crimes done to me,for i did not belong in that land in first place. but the peace i seek lies in the west.

from there i set out to make a long Journey, across miles of Forest, mountains, and rivers. and here i arrive, a man with a heart of a Wolf

"Far from the West i roam, but always the heart of the Wolf shall be my Home"
- Alacian
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PostSubject: Re: The Tale of the Wolver. the Biography of Faolan   Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:00 pm

seems like we have another brother Wink
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The Tale of the Wolver. the Biography of Faolan
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