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 Weapon contruction instructions. VERY GOOD!

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PostSubject: Weapon contruction instructions. VERY GOOD!   Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:14 am

All of them have some bits and pieces ive used in my new weapons. Take what you can from it all and make some awesome new weapons. ( I know we have used most of these techniques but it has some stuff we havent much used. And tis a good place to start for any beginner.)

Level 1 Sword Construction

Level 1: step 2

Level 1 Addendum

Level 2 Weapon Construction

Level 3 weapon Construction.

(info) I used electric fence posts, and you dont need that black foam he has; 2 layers of camping foam on the side fit just perfict with a little pressure. After everything was glued together I set it under a wooden slab with weights on it so it sealed and set for an amazing STICK.
For driveway stakes you probably need it.

Punch shield #1

Punch shield #2

Other Shield

Spear Part 1

Spear Part 2

Yet again. Gives you an idea of what you can do. Good luck to all!
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Weapon contruction instructions. VERY GOOD!
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