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PostSubject: Re: Censorship   Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:07 pm


I understand your concerns and your attempt to help us, however I will not put up with personal attacks made against any members of our realm posted publicly on the forums. Please consider this your first and only warning. We have leadership in this realm for a reason and if you have something to say about a member please pm me or Smithy with your concerns and it will be taken into consideration. This is not something that the realm as a whole needs to be privy to if they choose not to. As for you posting on your bel boards, feel free as that is your public forum however, once again, personal attacks will not be tolerated on our forum.
Though I have never met you in person, I have heard many great things about you from those that have and would hate to lose your friendship with our realm over this. please respect the wishes of the administration while on our boards.

Shepherd of Barad'Dun
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