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PostSubject: About Barad'Dun   Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:55 am

- Barad'Dun - The Western Tower -

Long ago, and far south within middle-earth did there exist another continent. Beyond Harad and Umbar it did reside. During the second second age, the Numenorean’s would sail every ocean and waters to be had, mariners at heart they were.

It is said they erected small ports around the globe. Being mariners and sea bearing folk, they would require refuel stations where one could prepare for the travels ahead. One day, Numenor would sink to the bottoms of the ocean, and thousands, after thousands of refugees would take to the sea in their ships and sail to middle earth. Many of these Numenoreans took refuge at a supply port far south of Umbar. A prime trade location it was, of untapped resources amid an untamed wilderness of this unknown continent.

It is said to this day that over thousands of years, having long past, did this lone nation rise. Who resides here you ask yourself as you think of this continent. Within this unknown place that a wilderness to be tamed, and an abundant supply of resources? It was not just humans, nor elves, nor dwarves, you see.

A free nation all its own with a population of many a mixed race. A place where elves, and human and dwarves and even orcs resided as one in the arms of camaraderie. A free nation that lay to the border of the most untamed and unknown regions to be had in this world. We would expand on our natural resources for trade goods like the world had yet to see; and boy if you found yourself here you’d thank your lucky stars, because you are here to defend Her Majesty.

We are what soon became known as Barad’Dun! The Western Tower!

Our Website:

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