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 In need of specific Armor

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PostSubject: In need of specific Armor   Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:31 am

I would like to have armor that would not hinder my overall mobility on the battle field but would allow me to have a good solid protection at least on the upper arms and legs. I don't believe I will really need some for the chest, however if anyone knows the best course of action for me on armor if I want to stay fast, be able to still jump and dodge very effectively or what have you, please let me know. I would be interested in buying from someone if they can deliver.

Thank you,

Sir Martin
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PostSubject: Re: In need of specific Armor   Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:10 am

You probably want some pauldrons and bracers, as for upper legs, you can look into a leather skirt, which is panels of leather hanging down, or something that actually attaches to your leg.

Taco is the guy to talk to, or Smithy, but both are busy with other leather projects this month I think.
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PostSubject: Re: In need of specific Armor   Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:27 am

If you are in a hurry, try Ebay for SCA, Dagorhir or Belegarth or just leather armor. You could also post on the Belegarth or Dagorhir boards for any armor smiths.

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PostSubject: Re: In need of specific Armor   

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In need of specific Armor
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