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 Saterday: Allthing thanksgiving remix!!

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PostSubject: Saterday: Allthing thanksgiving remix!!   Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:01 am

heyguys! i jst heard saterday is all thing, but were having a thanksgiving twist to it! I think we should do a run down on whats being brought an by who! Just to make sure we have all the makings of an awsome realm thanksgiving!

I will be bringing two homemade pumpkin pies (made by yours truly) and some mashed potatoes, and maybe some turkey but i think you guys might preffure a whole turkey vs a baggy of chunks.

anyways, what will everyone else be bringing? :3 maybe we should have thanksgiing themed games? maybe pilgrims vs indians, capture the turkey?
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Saterday: Allthing thanksgiving remix!!
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