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 The Creation of VooDoo

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PostSubject: The Creation of VooDoo   Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:38 pm

In the far mountains of Barad' Dun, there was a powerful necromancer whose evil knew no bounds. He would drive men insane with his black magic, and cause cows and crops to wither and die. However this twisted man had been around for almost one hundred years, and through all his magic with death, he could not prolong his life. So he made a plan to suspend his body's animation, and transfer his mind to a stronger more able body, therefore making him live forever. But first he had to find a body.

For the next three years he searched for this body, but with no luck. When he thought he found one, the body died before the transfer could be complete. Finally the old necromancer decided to make his own body, with chose pieces from the best bodies in all the land. Another year passed and he had before him a body, perfectly sculpted to his specifications. Not to big, not to small, with limber muscles and powerful legs, this body would serve him well.

He began the ritual to transfer his mind and soul into this body. As the ritual commenced there was an earthquake, and the cave that was his dwelling partially collapsed, crushing the necromancer and his dreams with him. The body that was his creation, immensed in the black magic of the necromancer, searched for a soul, but there was none. So the body began to wonder, in search of a soul to fill itself. The body soon wondered out of the cave and into a village in the valley. The medicine man of the valley sensed the coming of black magic, quickly picked himself up and went to meet it, believing it to be the evil necromancer. However what he found was of complete shock to him. The body of a man, with no soul. He went to this body and led him to his hut and sat him down.

"I will perform a spirit quest to find you a willing soul, and to clense that evil that surrounds you." said the Medicine Man. A few seconds later the Medicine Man was in the spirit realm, and he began his quest. Soon he came across a warrior, training with his axe and peculiar shield. The man moved like a creature and attacked like he was possessed. His axe was swift and dangerous in the way it moved. The medicine man was impressed and spoke to the man.

"Do you wish to return to the living as a spirit man, and perform your skills as a warrior once again?" The man was astonished and agreed, wishing to fight in the world of man to prove himself. In the blink of an eye, the medicine man brought the soul back with him and placed it in the necromancers body. The evil aura dissappeared and was replaced with that of the man.

"I am now back in the world of the living, and being made of magic and man, I will be known as VooDoo...Spirit Warrior of the Mountains."
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The Creation of VooDoo
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