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 Congratulations Barad'Dun !!!

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PostSubject: Congratulations Barad'Dun !!!   Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:55 pm

These Articles of Confederation have now been ratified and accepted as law. Thank you to everyone who had suggestions and questions throughout the building process. I look forward to seeing them implemented!!

Here are the Articles of Confederation in total.

Anyone who expresses interest and follows all Dagorhir rules may join the realm. Only 'active' members may be a council candidate or vote in elections. Active members may only vote once per position per election. 'Active' is defined as anyone who signs a waiver and consistently participates in two or more practices and or events (which could include weapon builds, sewing circles, day events, and any get together sanctioned by the realm) per month. 'Consistently' is defined as any three month period within the last six months prior to elections. Elections will be held every even numbered year in August/ September. The officials elected will attend council meetings as an observer until Kings Tourney, when they will be sworn in. The council may call for an emergency election with a two-thirds vote. Officials elected in these elections will finish the term of the previous official and can run for re-election at the next election. Individuals who are voted out may only run for re-election if the council approves by majority. Emergency elections may be held for one or both of the elected positions. There is no limit for re-elections.

In order to gain a vote on the council any five or more active members who come together under a single banner may form a unit. Units will be required to compose a charter and to design a banner. Unit leaders are required to attend regularly scheduled council meetings. Unit leaders may appoint a unit mate to act as adviser for any and all council dealings. These advisers do not get voting rights inside the council, unless the Unit Leader will be absent. Each unit leader gets one vote inside the council. Units who do not provide representation at two consecutive council meetings will be stripped of voting rights until they attend two consecutive council meetings.

The Council of Barad'Dun will consist of two elected positions and one appointed position. Other council seats will be held by unit leaders (see 'units'). The Council will hold regular monthly meetings to discuss the state of affairs in the realm. No one individual may hold more than one voting position on the council. It should be noted that a member who is elected or appointed into office is NOT required to quit his or her unit.

Adunakhor:: The Adunakhor is an elected position. He/she is the driving force of the realm, the 'king'. He/she will act as chairman to the council. In council matters the Adunakhor will recieve one vote, in the event of a tie vote the Adunakhor will receive two votes. (total, not in addition)

Shepherd:: The Shepherd is appointed by the Adunakhor. He/she will act as the right hand of the Adunakhor, second in command of the realm. The Shepherd is in effect the Adunakhor where the Adunakhor is absent. The Shepherd will be responsible for all record keeping, including treasury and council minutes, these duties may be delegated to others with council approval. The Shepherd will get one vote involving council matters.

Marshal:: The Marshal is an elected position. The Marshal will act as Head Herald, and third in command of the realm. The Marshal is responsible for training heralds, safety on the field, enforcing the rules of Dagorhir on the field. The Marshal will act as representative for all unit-less members. The Marshal will receive one vote in council matters.

Again, congratulations!!

in service

Huete sich vor dem Kriegswolfe
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations Barad'Dun !!!   Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:54 am

sounds good thanks kurn


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Adunakhor of Barad'Dun cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations Barad'Dun !!!   Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:19 am

I am ok with this
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations Barad'Dun !!!   Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:09 pm

*Golf Clap* See you folks around some day. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations Barad'Dun !!!   

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Congratulations Barad'Dun !!!
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