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 ATD Raid/Camp/Parade 8/11/12

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Tiberius Claudius

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PostSubject: ATD Raid/Camp/Parade 8/11/12   Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:43 am

For those of you fine folks coming, you can camp on the dirt section next to my house (because my new lawn is still establishing itself) on Friday and Saturday nights

My address is 445 W River Willow Ln Washington, UT 84780
Tele: 210 687 9061

For those of you fine folks not coming, F you! :-P

No, but seriously, try to come out.

- We'll have some brews and bbq dogs or something cheap Friday.
- Saturday morning we need to be at the parade site (carpool) at 8 am, ready to go. NO PROJECTILES. You read that?
- Afterwards we'll beat each other at the park, eat some lunch, do some swimming to cool off in the murderous mid-afternoon heat ($6!) and then we'll BBQ again chicken or burgers (both? yes both, I'm fat) at our fighting field to hang out and enjoy a nice evening.
- Head back to my place, drink, camp, and make a night of it.

We'll need to keep quiet at my place though because its residential and we don't want the mormons calling the cops. We'll have a little fire in a pit going and life will be good.
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PostSubject: Re: ATD Raid/Camp/Parade 8/11/12   Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:34 am

i want to go to this so bad but i don't know what my schedule will be like now that i just had this interview... i'll try my hardest to make it

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ATD Raid/Camp/Parade 8/11/12
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