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PostSubject: BLACK LION PRACTICE   Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:04 pm

EE YOU AT 6:00

It's been super hot out even during the night so please make sure to bring your water. we will not have any at the field. who has a dag goal they wanna complete? and what better way to start then to practice MORE! all black lions try to make it if anyone needs a ride get a hold of me and taco ASAP!.everyone is invited so please come!. we usually go to jack in the box afterwards.

For any new members joining us, the practice location is off the corner of Durango and Twain on the Southwest corner of the park. If you turn in off of twain you will see a parking lot on your left with a children's playground behind it. we are gonna start having our practices near the gazebo's again for the light since it's a later practice hope to see you all there!come support our realm and lets together get out of this dry spell we've been having

Den Mother to the Black Lions
Realm Mother to Barad Dun
Ruler of the Almighty Taco
Friend to all

* LAY ON *
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