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 weapons build purhamp

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PostSubject: weapons build purhamp   Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:27 pm

this sunday is the weapons build in purhamp so if you want to go its going to be me and wolf driveing if we have alot of people. theres 1 more seat in my car and wolf have 3 if you plan on build your stuff bring your own stuff to use. Im going to buysing bandshoppe this week. so if you want a core let me know before friday. we will be meeting at DB at 9 in the morning on sunday to head down there. donates for gas would be appicated. If you have question plz text me or leave me a message on here.

If you dont have my number. post here any questions or if you want to go along if you want to buy a core there about 8 for a 7 foot one band shoppe
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weapons build purhamp
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