Barad'Dun The Western Tower

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 Siege of Barad'dun, the boardgame.

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PostSubject: Siege of Barad'dun, the boardgame.   Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:01 am


The siege of Barad'Dun is based on an ancient Norse Tafl game. It takes place during the dark days of the Great war of the Southern Continent when Barad'Dun had been sacked by its enemies and the mighty tower of golden stone was besieged. It is a game for 2 players.

You will need to print a copy of the playing board. The lines and dots in black are the fallen streets and tenements of the city of Barad'Dun. The golden circle with the red lines and dots represent the Tower, the last haven of safety for the Army and the Citizens of Barad'Dun.

The orcs and Goblins of Morarda, the Legions of Atalante and the great host of the wild Horsemen of the Talath Gaya occupy the city and are attacking the Tower.

You will need 50 pennies to represent this great evil host. Set one penny on each black dot in the city.

You will need 7 dimes to represent the remnants of the Army of Barad'Dun; The Adunakhor, The Shepherd, The Marshall, The Royal Army, The Black Lions, The War Wolves and the Realm Mercenaries. Place these on any red dot within the tower. At least three defender's must be set up on the last line of the Tower, the one closest to the Sea.

The Evil Host makes the first move. On their turn the player can move one of his pieces either forward or diagonally towards the Tower. He can never move them backwards. Movement must follow the lines from one dot to another. They can only move horizontally when they are on the left or right hand side of the board, always towards the Tower.

The Tower Defender can move one piece in any direction following any line from one Red dot to another. Defenders can also move onto the black dots of the city as well.

No piece, attacker or defender, can move onto a spot already occupied by another piece.

Only the Defenders can 'Capture' pieces. The Attackers can not. To capture an enemy piece, and thus remove it from the game, the Defender can 'Jump' over the piece as long as this movement is in following a line and the dot beyond the enemy piece is empty so that the defender can land on it. Defending pieces may capture more than one enemy piece if there is more enemy pieces with empty spots on a continuous line.

The defender MUST capture an enemy piece if it CAN. This includes multiple captures. The defender can not ignore a capture even if it draws his piece away from the Tower.

In order to win the Game, the Attackers must either occupy each red dot in the Tower, or surround the defender's pieces so that they can not make a move. If at anytime the defender can not legally move, he has lost. If all red dots in the tower are occupied by enemy pieces, the defender has lost, and the tower has fallen, and Barad'dun is no more.

Generally, if the Attacker is whittled down to 16 pieces or less, he can not win the game and they must withdraw from the city leaving Barad'Dun victorious.

Konradr Greywolf,
Senior Shipmaster of the War Wolves,
Defender of Barad'Dun,
Scallywag of the Seas.

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Siege of Barad'dun, the boardgame.
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