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 Roommate is selling his car

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PostSubject: Roommate is selling his car   Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:35 pm

Hey guys. Anyone looking to buy a car? My roommate is selling a '98 Mercury Sable GS/L for $2000 or best offer. It operates fine, though the A/C dial knob is missing (so you'll have to use pliers/tweezers or something to turn it if you can't find a replacement knob). Also, my roommate said the water in the water cooling tank will boil if the car is left on for a long time (I forgot to ask just how long a long time is). Other than that it seems fine, no major dings or dents. The interior is pretty clean and the I didn't see any tears or stains in the upholstery.

Anyone interested can give me a zing at or give me a call at 702-635-1749. I have some pics I can send you upon request, or you can just stop by my place (I live by Rainbow and Flamingo). I would post the pics here but my main 'puter died, and I am working on a Pentium 2 with 256mb of RAM right now... so, yeah, I upload very sssslllloooowwwwllllyyyy.

Anywho, I wish you all a happy holiday season!


(EDIT: Corrected an amusing error)
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Roommate is selling his car
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