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 DISCUSSION! This or that

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PostSubject: DISCUSSION! This or that    Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:28 pm

in hopes that I start fighting. and am finally getting interested in making my own equipment. I personally like to use from what I have used is a punch shield, but I think I've only used it cause that's what taco has been training me with. so I wanted to ask the question which do you think is better punch or strap shield. and why you prefer one over the other. just a silly convo. ha.

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PostSubject: Re: DISCUSSION! This or that    Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:49 am

Both are good, depending on your particular fighting style.

For an offensive style, a punch lets you be more mobile and aggressive. That Glaive/Sword about to break your shield? Throw it at him and use that split second distraction to take out his legs or go for a kill shot.
A Strap shield, though more defensive, can actually be very aggressive for shield-to-shield fighting, such as checking and rushing.

For someone who has never fought before, I would recommend a punch shield, as it has an easy learning curve. See a shot coming towards your right side? Put the shield there. Going for your leg? lower it slightly while pulling your leg back.

A strap shield requires more body mechanics, as you'll lean your body towards the incoming shot to block it, since you can only move that strap so far.

I actually like both types of shields; a punch for close quarter/flanking, while a strapped for defensive line battles. A small strap shield on the upper arm allows more freedom, such as while doing archery, 2-handed Flo/Weapon or spear, while the backpack strap also provides protection with some mobility.
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DISCUSSION! This or that
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