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 Sowoneul Marhaebwa!

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Midget Kai'Ironhand

Midget Kai'Ironhand

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PostSubject: Sowoneul Marhaebwa!   Wed May 28, 2014 3:30 pm

Okay, all Korean jokes aside....

Hello!  I am Midget.  Or Midge, whichever, some know me as either, others both.  No, I do not live in the area XD  Sorry?  Kind of.  I really like your area though.  I'm basically here because I'm just really good at following people around and I want to see some life back in this place.

So if I don't live here, then what the hell, right?  Well, right now I'm a resident (by technicality) of Babylon, though I don't really claim the realm.  Before this, I lived out in Utah and had claim (and still do) to Aquilonia and Acheron, but the main reason I'm on your board is because I hit your realm up in April, and, so long as my job doesn't go absolutely, horrifically nuts on me, I plan on stopping in every 3-4 months.  So I consider myself like... an unofficial offical "Guest" if you will, like a visiting member?  Yeah.  SO THAT'S WHY I'M HERE.

Let's see..intro crap.  Well, this is my fourth year fighting, but *technically* my first year doing Dag.  ...I think.  I dunno, I never found out if ATD was Dag or Bel.  ANYWAY  I crossgame now, who would have thought? I favor the florentine style, but I also have at least a year's experience in Sword & Shield as well as Grappling and Dagger work.  Minor experience with a bow.   Errmm.....I mostly do medieval combat for fun, not so much competition, and you can ask my old realms, I was pretty obnoxious when it came to attendance.  My new realm not as much, but that's because my job runs over practices a lot.  My garb isn't great, but I'm trying to improve it bit by bit.  Trying to learn to sew to make that easier.  I'm a "GOBBIT" as it was classified at Battle for the Ring, which means i'm 50% Hobbit, 50% Goblin.  I usually green up, but not always.

Yeah, that should cover it I think.  I'm pretty open, so any questions I'm happy to answer and stuff :3

Oh yeah.  I met you guys Chaos XV?  And I've seen you at various Samhains / Yestares / War of Reckonings since, and ya'll obviously saw me at the last BftR, as well as your lovely recruitment day deal <3  So if I sound / look familiar but you couldn't figure it out, that was why.  STALKING HAS NOW ENSUED.  I HAVE COMPLETED ANOTHER TASK.
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Sowoneul Marhaebwa!
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