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 Name: Varno "Knubbs"

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PostSubject: Name: Varno "Knubbs"   Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:35 pm

Full Name with Titles:

Lord Varno “Knubbs” Anga,
Lord of Iron
Royal Scribe of Barad’Dun
Corsair of the Royal Army

House Symbol:

A Brief History:

I am Lord Varno "Knubbs" Anga, Defender of Iron, Royal Scribe, Corsair of the Royal Army of Barad'Dun. This simple story has much more to it then what is written here on these pages. My writing may seem hurried but it must be seen as an act of necessity as the rebuilding of our country is more important then a lord writing in his book.

In long time past the House of Iron was once a Mercenary unit stationed out of Barad'Dun, called the Iron Guard. They were a fierce group of proud traditions and valor. They often stood with King Barathor in battle for why wouldnt they help protect the place that held there families and friends. In one of these battles the enemy had come from a flanking position attacking the kings guard. My ancestor, Kruth, saw the attack on the king and the size of the attacking force. Leaving the bulk of his forces under command of his brother, Hroth, he went to assist the royal army guards. Taking with him 25 of his Iron Guards he formed an anchor in defense that allowed the stunned guards to regroup. The attacking force met the shields of the Iron Guard again and again to no avail. After the 3rd such attack the Royal Army counter-attacked in sequence to enemy force falling back. This brought my ancestor much honor that day and with word from the king became one of its noble houses. On this day the Mercenary Group known as the Iron Guard became the House of Iron. With this award they gained much power and with the land given by the king Kruth founded the Iron Guardians, a private full-time professional army. With services rendered out to protect caravans and other acts of duty the house became secure in its holdings. From the time of the first king of Barad'Dun there has been a Lord of Iron.

Period of Peace

From this time onward it was a number of Lords went by before the next step in our houses history took place. The Iron Guardians were some of the best soldiers in the city. They also were deeply patriotic of who they were and were they were from. It took time but eventually the split between the Army and the Guard became too much. After a house fracture it was decided that all Iron Guard would join the Royal Army. This brought the family back together and turned the Iron Guardians into an academy of sorts for the House prior to entry into the royal army. With this they gifted back some of the lands they had been given back to the King to be used for the Royal Army. Not soon after that most if not all Iron Guards are standing members of the Royal Army.

Birth of Varno

During the Reign of Arthanor at the height of Barad'Duns prosperity My father Neld, the 12th Lord of Iron had a son, Varno, who was born into the house as Heir-apparent to the House of Iron. The early years were that a child with the normal schooling and play needed. Since I was to be heir he needed to pickup on the profession of the previous Lords. I was entered into the Academy at the age of 12. This was necessary being as that our family still guarded many caravan paths and battle was just part of our family life. The academy pushed all who entered but just because I was the son of the Lord I didnt get it easy. In fact in some ways it was harder. He was trained be a leader in the house and at the age of 20 he joined the Royal Army of Barad'dun as an initiate.

This was a time of fateful consequences. The Desert elve's gem was stolen. They came for help and recieved it.The King Arthanor was in full militant swing. He seemed to grab every mercenary unit he could find. When he left he took a vast supply of military power with him. I was one of those assigned to the House Guard deigning my bloodline. Just because of that I was seen somewhat as a spoiled person. I had my talents and won over them all eventually. When it came down to it, my commander Surt was left in defense of the city with barely enough to enforce the law let alone its defense.

The Siege

During the siege there were 50 brothers of Iron. The siege of the tower took there toll on the Iron Guards as well as the rest of the warriors defending it. After all was said and done the Full power of the House's three thousand Iron Guards was reduced to a handful. Leading these handful towards the end. It came to be that I was the new Lord of Iron, seeing my fathers head tossed over the walls on the first attack. This Deeply enraged me and took discipline to not berserk. Whilst fighting was constant during a specific defense a cleaver went into my leg but stuck in my armor enough to allow limited use. It was cut deep enough to cause issues and in the last month of combat I fought on one good leg. In the heat of battle, I would fight any challenger that came along forgetting my leg. I aquired a nickname of sorts from the rest of the defenders, Lord Knubbs.

As the dawn of the last day of the fight came to be I was looking over the stratagem table. As my commander Surt told us his plan. We all felt a wave of relief and anger.This allowed the release of adrenaline allowing me to use my leg, Having not been able to fight for a week. As we rallied to the start, the draw bridge lowered and we ran out, I yelled for the Commander, "Barad'Dun!!! Charge!!!"

Having done my duty I went forth with my commander and fought side by side with him even when the battle started to turn on us. I saw the ships of our allies come to us and come battle out enemies. It was glorious. When the call came forward for my commander to be named Adunakhor, I took up his name with the others and as I stepped forward I made sure the House of Iron was by his side.

The restoration of the House and the Rebuilding of Barad'Dun

Upon the start of rebuilding the house was shattered. It took almost all the houses resources to gather back what was lost in the siege. After some rebuilding I turned the shell of the house keep into the Royal Armies Barracks.

After such a shock to the family the everyday business was very slowly getting back to what it should. After this I realized that this house would never be back to what it was, he decided to reinvent the House. I went about and started making it into a more merchant based enterprise. We offered storage, banking services, trade goods, and logistical support. I started to stockpile supplies necessary for a city to continue to grow.

My goal was to support the people and started excavation into the earth to build a underground keep. Using a considerable amount of wealth I sought dwarven stonemasons to carve it out of the harsh rock below. While trying to complete this I used our station to increase reserves the people regularly get. Things used in everyday life, and during this turbulent time its was going out as soon as it came in. I set about creating a economic boom in this capital. My duty was to make this so for if trade flowed, so did gold and if gold flow so did reconstruction.

A huge tithe of the money was needed for the kingdom as a whole to regrow. People are suffering and things need to return were they were. So the king brought together the Noble families and made them all swear to do whatever it takes to get the rebuilding done. Hearing this I latched onto a budding guild of artisans specializing in supplying army's for war. They called themselves the Smiths of Barad'Dun and in a short amount of time have grown into a powerful guild indeed. Its growing popularity and its ever increasing importance saw there leader, known as Smithy, to be nominated for the position of High Marshall of the Royal Army.

Soon after this I was brought forward to the Tribunal and given the extreme honor of Royal Scribe. This duty has kept me busy and always meeting some dignitary or organizing the next meeting of the Tribunal.

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PostSubject: Re: Name: Varno "Knubbs"   Sat Oct 03, 2009 7:16 am

Cool knubbs. Though Angaina makes me think Angina which is heart disease, isn't it. Or if the cruder wolf came out, it would make me think of Va jay jay (Oprah).

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PostSubject: Re: Name: Varno "Knubbs"   Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:56 pm

Updated. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Name: Varno "Knubbs"   

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Name: Varno "Knubbs"
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