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 Proclamation #1.

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PostSubject: Proclamation #1.   Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:01 am

Hear ye, Hear ye.

The Calendar for Barad'dun is as follows.

January is EISMOND (Eyez moan dt)

February is HORNUNG (Hoh noon gk)

March is LENZMOND (lenzz moan dt)

April is OSTERMOND (Ohss tair moan dt)

May is WONNEMOND (Vohn nay moan dt)

June is BRACHMOND (Brahk moan dt)

July is HEUMOND (Hoy moan dt)

August is ERNTEMOND (Ayrnt ay moan dt)

September is HERBSTMOND (Hairbst moan dt)

October is WEINMOND (Vine moan dt)

November is NEBELMOND (Nay bell moan dt)

December is HEILMOND (Heyel moan dt)

These are from Old German. All entries into Barad'dun's litany will be written as thus...

Quote :
Let it be known that (name of recipient) recieved the honorable rank of Narbu in the Royal Army on this, the Fourth day of Weinmond, in the First year of adunakhor Surt's reign.

Also let it be known that the days of the Week shall follow the Norse example, as follows:

Sunday is SUNNUDAGR (Soonnoo Tahg)

Monday is MANADAGR (Mahnah Tahg)

Tuesday is TYSDAGR (Tis Tahg)

Wednesday is ODINSDAGR (Ohdteens Tahg)

Thursday is THORSDAGR (Torz Tahg)

Friday is FREJADAGR (Fray jah Tahg)

Saturday is LAUGARDAGR (Lahoo gahr Tahg)

That end's Proclamation 1, announced at Midnight on the 10th day of Weinmond during the first year of the reign of Adunakhor Surt.
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PostSubject: Barad'Dun Calender   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:55 am

So, its too late now for a Barad'Dun Calender for 2010, but what about planning for a 2011 Calender?

We can print it out with the Germanic names and Common tounge (normal English) Translations. We can print out dates for practice, althing, events, etc, etc etc.

Now, Each month could represent a Warrior, unit or Camp follower(s) so who do we want on which month(s)? We could do 12 or 13 since some calenders start in December of the previous year.

Realm photo? Unit photos? action photos, event photos, playful photos, warrior of the month, sexy warrior of the month? What theme?


Konradr, Idea Generator
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Demie Zephyra


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PostSubject: Re: Proclamation #1.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:05 am


We all know that if it were sexy warrior of the month, it'd just be twelve pictures of Nightmare and one of Kjirstan and Kitty.

I think we should do action shots. And one of the realm for December. :]

It'd be really useful for planning out events and such.
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PostSubject: Re: Proclamation #1.   

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Proclamation #1.
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