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 Edgar Dernhelm present and acounted for:)

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edgar dernhelm


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PostSubject: Edgar Dernhelm present and acounted for:)   Fri Oct 16, 2009 5:46 am

well seein as noone has used this tread guess ill start it Razz

ok real name michael brown(call me mike pls)

character name:Edgar Dernhelm(srry Alacian i like it better than micah:P)

character story:still workin on it:P

im a nice guy a lil quiet but ill get more lively just watch me ;)i love rock and roll and love games halo and final fantasy are my favs but theres alot that i like,i also love anime and most things japanese fav series so far are evangelion,elfen lied,higurashi no naku kuroni(when they cry in english),and kiddy grade they all rock:P.things i like to do when i have money and free time are play pool,go bowling,go to the movies,and go to the gokart track,i also play magic the gathering,and a few online games the free ones Razz.

contact info:phone:834-2707 this may not be reliable seein as i have no job but it should be on:) Razz
adress:somewhere in spring valley:P
well guess thats about it Smile see ya all at practice:)

quote:Yeah the pen is mightier than the sword...........unless i cut off your hands Twisted Evil

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Edgar Dernhelm present and acounted for:)
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