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 Stories, or Barad'dun or Middle Earth...

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PostSubject: Stories, or Barad'dun or Middle Earth...   Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:11 pm

For you budding writer's here's a topic you can fall in love with. Write a short story or several, involving either your character, or not, that ties in to our beloved Barad'Dun or the Southern Continent or Middle Earth in the Third age.

For instance, after writing the Official Backstory of Barad'Dun. I was thinking of a short story about a small unit of mercenaries led by Royal Army leader's. The story takes place in the desert far to the West of Barad'Dun, after the Destruction of Arthanor and the Main Royal Army. The leader's must convince their men to hold onto a desert well for as long as possible against the encroaching Armies of Barad'Dun's enemies from the West and South. Those armies can not march across the desert without water and as long as they hold out, the more time they will buy for Barad'Dun. Trouble is, they are not all Royal Army men who have pledged to die for Barad'Dun, half are mercenaries who may not want to stay......

Just an idea we can all write short stories for fun if so desired. The stories don't have to be about wars, they can be about adventures, jewel heists, pirating on the sea's around the southern continent, explorations, political intrigues, cavern crawls, cultural bio's, etc, etc, etc.

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Stories, or Barad'dun or Middle Earth...
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