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PostSubject: FINAL LIST FOR THE WEAPONS BUILD DAY......LOOK HERE   Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:21 am

O.K. Updated and FINAL list .

EVERYONE who will be attending the weapons build with the intent to build a weapon (everyone is welcome whether or not you want a weapon) will need to bring the following items.

1) One roll of 2" DUCK tape (the one with the little yellow duck)
2) Two rolls of grip/athletic tape. (in your chosen color, NO NEON COLORS!!)
3) $13.00 to put forth, for the foam and cores.

Those items that will be appreciated, but not necessary, are as follows.

1) One can (32 oz.) of Dap Weldwood Contact Cement. For your own use.
2) Extra Duct Tape.
3) Extra Grip/Athletic Tape.
4) Anything that I've told you, personally, to bring. i.e. Stuff to make specific weapons.
5) Money to chip in for dinner. (pizza? we have coupons. )
We will be providing snackage (chips, carrots, cupcakes? etc.) and drinks (probably some cheap 2 liters).

Just to be clear. ALL of these items that you bring, except for the money of course, are yours to do with as you please.

I am not expecting to keep anything left over. That being said, if you wish to donate your leftovers, I will gladly take them.

What you will get out of this is: One weapon, of your choice. (ONLY sword materials are provided, enough to make a 36" blue).

The knowledge of how a weapon is put together (from start to finish). You will learn to blade fiberglass and PVC cores.

In addition, this will be the time to ask questions on any related topic. I will also be showing some footage from battles past. I

have a lot of period type movies we can have playing in the background ( I always like to watch something cool when I build).

Lastly, we will probably be talking of the ideas and direction Surt, Heretic and I have in mind for Barad'Dun as a whole. We will be expecting some ideas and feedback from you.

That is all. I hope a few of you can attend. I will be creating a new post, please get on it and RSVP. I want to know who is coming.

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