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 Demie Zephyra

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Demie Zephyra


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PostSubject: Demie Zephyra   Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:10 am

Demie Zephyra was born the second child of Adelina and Fionn Zephyra. The children of a seamstress and a merchant, Demie and her siblings, Whisper and Syphen, were raised mainly by their mother on the coast of Valinor, across the sea from Middle Earth. As they became older, each child began accompanying Fionn on his journeys, helping him to sell his wares. Syphen began to accompany him at the age of six. One cold morning, the merchant and his son discovered themselves in the port city of Barad’Dun. As the old man sold various bits of tapestry and cloth, Syphen watched strangers of the city as they went about their business. Then, his attention turned to a few men, who seemed stronger than any man he’d ever seen before. Their sashes bore the symbol of Barad’Dun. They were soldiers of the royal army, glorious in their armor and noble appearance. Syphen found himself enamored with the idea of being a soldier, and it soon became his one life goal. He would become a member of Barad’Dun’s royal army or die trying.
As soon as Syphen became old enough to wield a sword, he began training. He trained day and night with any weapon he could imagine, even teaching Demie, so he could practice with her. However, things would not go so well for him.
On the morning of his initiation into the army, Syphen was walking with Fionn beside the cart, which this morning held some particularly valuable items. While Syphen was distracted, a thief made his way to the items and attempted to steal a few, Fionn crying out in anger at being too weak to fight the young thief off. When Syphen became aware of the crime, he went after the thief, only to be killed by a concealed dagger beneath the thief’s tunic at the young age of nineteen.
The Zephyra family was heartbroken, Adelina worst of all. Soon after her son’s untimely death, she fell ill; bedridden in her anguish. Fionn quit traveling in order to care for his ill wife, leaving the family with no source of income. Demie and Whisper decided they could take no more. Demie felt the need to take care of her family. Whisper felt that she should not be a burden on her weak father and ill mother. And so, they left their quiet village on Valinor for the city of Barad’Dun.
Upon their arrival, Demie too saw the men of the royal army in their armored glory. She remembered her brother’s lifelong dream, and from that point, swore that she would avenge his death; not by killing his killer, but by becoming a member of the royal army herself. She cut her long hair and rid herself of the dresses and frocks that she’d been so accustomed to for the last eighteen years. She picked up a sword, a bow, and some arrows. She would stop at nothing to carry on Syphen’s legacy and please his spirit, wherever it may be. Even if she were to die in the process, she would walk alongside the royal army of Barad’Dun as a phantom, Syphen at her side.

If anything is incongruent with a history that I am unaware of, please tell me and I'll change it.
In fact, even if you have a minute critique, let me know and I'll change it.
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edgar dernhelm


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PostSubject: Re: Demie Zephyra   Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:46 am

well my knowlege is about the same as yours maybe know a lil more as ive seen the movies and you havent but still i think its quite good Smile nice job ill be posting mine soon as well Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Demie Zephyra   Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:15 pm

a wonderful tale! thank you for sharing! king
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Demie Zephyra
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