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 Rilith's Story

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PostSubject: Rilith's Story   Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:03 am

Realm Name: Rilith
Mundane Name: Derek L.
Age: 16
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 150lbs

Backstory: Born on a small farm off the main road of Barad'Dun to a Blacksmith and Farmhand, his father taught him, almost from the womb, the arts of swordsmanship. At an early age he learned the hardships of life, and learned to make due with his surroundings, carving chopped wood into toy swords and shields, which he and his father practiced with every night. During the day, he took his fancy at exploring the forests and wild around him. One day, he climbed up a tree to see over the vast expanse of tree tops and hill sides, when he felt a shift in balance. As he attempted to correct it by shifting his weight, his keen ears heard a slight crunching sound. Before he could react, the branch he was standing on snapped, and he plumetted to the ground from close to a story high, blacking out as he did his best at rolling with the fall. Unbeknownst to his mother and father, a group of Uruk'Hai raiders were scouring the lands for supplies, slaves, and riches. Their small farm was just an object in the way of the Uruk'Hai's path of destruction. His father and mother didn't go down quietly, fighting and taking down some Uruk'Hai, yet both were fatally wounded, left to die in their burning stables. When young Rilith awoke to the site of smoke at a memorable sight, he rushed to where it came from, ignoring the pains of the previous fall. He found the stables, burnt, looted and destroyed, his parents lay surrounded by debris and the few Uruk'Hai they had slain. The fires, put out by the rain that drenched him. He sobbed next to their bodies, now an orphan at five years old. He lived the rest of his life off the surrounding wilderness. The cold winters, and blistering summers taught him the values of endurance and strength. The scarcity of food and abundance of needed work gave him a slender, toned physique. Now nearly a man at sixteen, he molds his future like the mud that's encrusted in his boots.
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Rilith's Story
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