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 Strider's Tale

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PostSubject: Strider's Tale   Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:55 am

At just seven years old he had lost his father Dirhael, and mother Silmarien, in a battle with a large band of Uruk'Hai raiders. They tried valiantly to protect their men, taking many, but losing many as well. In a final stand, they fell together along with the rest of the Royal Army soldiers under their command who weren't lucky enough to escape. When news returned, Strider was orphaned and taken in by a blacksmith and best friend, Beren. His father had disciplined him in swordmanship, and Beren continued to train him, and taught him to survive in the wild and the urban environs. He adapted his own rogue and ranger talents in said settings. When he was old enough to understand how his parents died, he began to despise the Royal Army. But, Beren had shown him that his parents died to protect him and all they loved here in Barad'Dun. When he was old enough, he joined as an Initiate and took up the same patriot spirit that his parents had given their lives for. Known to some as the "Golden Shadow", but known to most others as just Strider, he became a well known thief of sorts. He stands tall and fit with long, dirty blonde hair now a man at eighteen. His pride for the Royal Army of Barad'Dun has grown fiercely, as he would gave his life, like that of his parents, for his comrades. Always one for a good adventure and a mug of mead, Strider has just started his long life of service in Barad'Dun.
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Strider's Tale
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