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 kitty and taco's christmas party

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PostSubject: kitty and taco's christmas party   Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:53 am

Well sad to say that me and taco will not be making it to Utah this Christmas so instead we have planned i know that it's a little late but we have decided to throw instead of an anime night we wanna do a Christmas party!!!!!. bring family and friends if you like. it will start the same time anime night starts. here is the plan. if you are coming we ask that you bring some sort of dish NO CHIPS AND DIP we want you to make something that everyone can enjoy this will be sort of a pot luck dinner PLEASE POST WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BRING and i will update the post so on and so. if you wanna bring you're game consoles make sure you have up to 4 controllers if not ask people for help. we wanna bake a tone of Christmas cookies And Maybe cupcakes so when people come over they can frost and decorate them. we wanna do a gift raffle basically like a white elephant idea what we want you to do is go get a gift and wrap it keep it 10.00$ or under or you can wrap a toy or something that you might wanna sell in a yard sale or something make sure it's nice gag gifts are fun just please keep it under the 10 dollar limit. we will draw names and will tell you the rest of the idea later. we will be watching Christmas movies all that jazz whatever just PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU RESPOND TO THIS POST OR CALL OUR PHONE SO WE KNOW WHO IS COMING AND WHO IS NOT ALONG WITH FOR THE POT LUCK WHAT YOUR BRINGING FOR FOOD. SO PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN MAKE IT.
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kitty and taco's christmas party
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