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 The story of Akeria

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PostSubject: The story of Akeria   Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:54 pm

Up until she was 17 she lived an ordinary life she had good parents that never had any foul mark upon it. mother stayed at home with child father was an elven soldier who protected the gates of the elven city of beleish which was between two mountain slops. When akeria was born from the start she had a wondering mind that never ended she was a creator and without fear. She tried the daring she has tried anything from flying with the birds to swimming with the fish. Because of akeria wondering mind by the age o 6 she would wonder off alone where it would be difficult for her parents to keep an eye on her. Akerias favorite thing was trees she loved watching them change color cause when she realized that when she changed the leave would change when the tree would grow she would grow. They sometime bared great treats to eat and sometimes sing lovely songs to her in the wind. And she went out and about everyday to find new adventures new life. Her first best friend that she made was a small whit ferret that followed her home where everyday her little furry friend Tucket would come back for seconds on table scraps. Everything fine everything normal until she reached 17. while akeria was out doing her afternoon adventures a rain storm came in. akeria loved the rain and would often find a tall tree deep in the forest mad climb it just feel the water run down her face. So at peace so comfortable she fell asleep in the tree and could not hear the faint cries of her town people. A flood had started and covered her home never to be seen again. By the time akeria had awaken her city of normality had been long gone swept away from the mountains tears. Only one left was her dear furry friend tucket wiping the tears for akeiras long lost parents that she deeply loved. Now on her own to find food shelter and clean water she had another adventure ahead of her. An new start so she began that journey and made it to another town. Now that she was all alone getting food was harder to come buy she had to work for a roof over her head and for food in her belly. She became a bar waitress she prepared meals served ale to customers she met. Where she met takeko,a troll odly enough but no one was afraid of this beast. he was a regular drunk came to the tavern to take load of his shoulders. To tell stories of his travels month after month he would return with more and more fascinating stories about his battles and what he saw who he had met had akeria wanting new life with him as an urgent telegram came for him to join the Barad Dun realm for a massive blood thirsty battle was coming. In fear that akeria would lose her first love she followed to be his sheath.


* ha ha ha i don't know if this is what you guys are looking for but this is what i came up with and sorry if my grammar and spelling are shitty *
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edgar dernhelm


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PostSubject: Re: The story of Akeria   Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:01 pm

lol not bad its at least as good as mine which can be found in the lets write a story thread but im gonna copy it over here Razz
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PostSubject: Re: The story of Akeria   Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:02 pm

beautiful story. and it appears as yours haas just begun! king
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PostSubject: Re: The story of Akeria   Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:20 pm

Psssssssh, no reason to put down yourself Akeria.

I enjoyed the story Very Happy it's really good. It's basic, explains why you are part of Barad'dun and lets the ready imagine the tragidy which fuels your character.

Overall an awesome Bio -thumbs up-
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PostSubject: Re: The story of Akeria   

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The story of Akeria
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