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 the story of edgar the last shuratai

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edgar dernhelm


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PostSubject: the story of edgar the last shuratai   Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:46 pm

edgar was born in rohan to a family of low standing.they were good people his mother a kind woman who worked everyday to make a good home for him and his father.he was a great man in edgars eyes but wasnt a man of much merit he held a low position in the military as a scout one day not long after edgars 12th birthday he stood at the gates of the city waiting for his fathers return,as he waited suddenly his father came into view rideing very fast as he came closer to the city gates figures could be seen rideing behind him.It was a team of goblin raiders just 3 of them and edgar could see his father rideing one arm at his side with at least one arrow in his shoulder edgar cried out for his father as he raced to the gates but then he was stuck again by one of the goblins arrows and fell from his hourse.He was only mabey 200 yards from the gates when he fell and just as he hit the ground the towns small calvery untit finnaly road out the gates.the goblins imidiately turned and raced off out of sight just as quickly as they had came.for edgars father however it was to late he had been struck directly in the back and had died in an instant.

edgar havein seen this and havein been helpless to stop it cursed his weakness and swore he would become a strong warrior and protect everyone he held dear. he trained night and day he was a natural with a blade and the anger he held from his fathers death made him fierce and he sucssesfuly joined the rohirin army by age 13 he was the yougest boy ever allowed to join outside of a crisis.he was a prodigy by 16 he was leading his own unit and was well know and well liked by all in his small village,but then in a bitter twist of fate he was unjustly exiled for wronges he did not commit,he had been framed by a fellow soldier who was jealous of his standing and skill edgar had takein his place as unit leader,so the man planted forged documents in edgars quarters describeing plans to raid the cities of rohan and assassinate the king,the king knew edgar and coudnt believe that he would do such a thing but edgar had nthing but his word to defend himself and the other man had years of service beyond a show of mercy edgar was not executed for tresion but instead exiled and he was forced to leave his mother and the women he loved behind.

He traveled most of middle earth befor he was 19.then one day at the age of 22 he recieved word from rohan sayin he had been exonerated and that they requested his return as soon as possible to help deal with the increasing problem of goblin raids,at that time he found himself in a far eastern land liveing in the house of the shura clan they had cared for him and trained him in there ways for the past 3 years and he had become a leading memeber of there military force,the shuratai.

when he told the lord of the house he had been called home the man sat him down and presented him with the beautiful sword he now carried with him at all times.but leavein that place was not easy edgar had meet and married a beautiful young women and had a child by her but he could not ignore his country he also wondered what had become of his mother and old flame, so he decided he would go..alone but he would return no later than a year from now and with the words i love you and shall always be by your side he left never knowin that he would not see his new family again.

the trip to rohan had taken longer than he expected and as he entered his country he didnt even realize he was there the first village he saw was rubble and ash,at the sight of this he quickend his horses pace,as he neared fammilar terrain he saw a sight that stoped his heart cold,his village off in the distance was too in ruins attacked and sacked mabey no more than a few days earlier as he entered the town he saw no one he recognized and no one seemed to know him,the unit posted there had been a compleate loss.

as he rode on he saw his old home come into view or what was left of it,with tears in his eyes and fear of the worst in his mind he dismounted his horse and ran inside to find his mother and who he assumed was his younger sister no more than 2 years old a sister he had never meet or known about and who he would never the sight of this edgar let out a mornful cry that shook the unfallen timbers of his now ruined home.then his next thought what had become of his old love,to her house he ran hopeing to find it untouched but strangly the house wasnt even there,he was dumbstruck when suddenly a passer offered up info sayin that family left years ago and the house had been torn down,thank god that she had avoided this misfortune.

edgar spent the next 3 months either in the ruins of his old home curseing himself for not bein there sooner, or training new recruits for the military he never spoke to anyone about anything private or personal and was basicly closed from the world.he had done the math it took him 2 and a half months to return home and would take at least that long for the trip back.his home here was gone but he had found a new home and he did intend to return to it just as he promised,but 3 months later he recieved word from the east that the house of shura had been burned to the ground and all within killed for reasons yet unknown, the shock of this was to great and something insdie him snaped.

overcome by his griefe he snaped at the ineptitude of one of his trainies and in a flash cut him down without thinking and was imprisoned he however was shown mercie and this time exiled with just cause not sentenced to death because of his excelent serviece to that point so he left and now several months later finds himself in the lands of barad'dun. since that day when he killed an inocent man he had decided to never stay in one place to long and such an incident had not acured since,though he still was greatly torn by his grief.

however in this place he found something strange a feeling he thought he would never feel again he had meet a few fine people here and felt at peace when he was with them.this place so diferent from anywhere he had ever been and these people so unlike any others he had meet he felt he could stay here with them and be happy.but he felt uneasy in his short life he had seen all he ever loved broken to the ground all he had ever know is the lose of happieness and he was cautious to let a new happieness into his still shatered heart.would he be able to protect these people should the need arise or would he again be useless and have to watch them fall around him.he decided to forgo his fears and vowed to stay here this would be his new home,these would be his people his friends and he would do all he could for each one of them should they ever be in need he would be there.

the end.......or the begining Razz
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the story of edgar the last shuratai
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