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 Kilanos' bio

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PostSubject: Kilanos' bio   Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:08 am

Kilanos the Grey

Kilanos was born to his father Anthalas the Grey Hawk and his mother Sherizan in the city of Annuminas.

Anthalas was a member of the Grey Company, one of the bands of the Rangers of the North.

In the winter of Kilanos’ 12th year, Anthalas was killed by an arrow through the heart. His body was later found by one of his comrades lying face down in a puddle of mud on the outskirts of the old forest. Though Kilanos begged the members of the Grey Company to find his father’s murderer, they refused with the excuse of being spread too thin since recent troubles arising to the south.

Upon reaching adolescence, Kilanos was trained in the ways of the rangers by one of his father’s last requests. However, since the death of his father and the escape of his murderer from justice, Kilanos grew resentment for his father’s men and those men he called comrades.

In his early twenties Kilanos could not stand to remain with the Grey Company any longer. The resentment he had for these men gnawed at his soul like a canker that would not go away. He saw how his actions affected those around him and could not be the downfall of those men his father loved like brothers. Despite the urgings of his best friend he announced that he would be splitting from the Company to seek his own destiny wherever the wind may take him. Prior to completing his training, Kilanos made his best friend guarantee he would look after Shrizan then left the Rangers of the north and headed toward the coast

Kilanos joined the crew of a ship to seek his fortunes as a sailor upon a merchantman named The hand of Agar Falath. He hired himself out as a guard but soon found that life at sea was not for him. He took leave of the ship while it was docked in its home port on the mysterious southern continent.

Finding himself in a new and unexplored land almost as far from home as he could be, Kilanos decided to learn and explore this new area in the hopes that he could find a place to call home.

Rumor began to spread about the plight of a northern city on the continent. Stories were told about the stubborn men of Barad’Dun who wouldn’t lay down and die despite the fact that they were obviously beaten. Stories that were told in taverns to peals of laughter about the atrocities committed to these men of the west who were too stupid to accept defeat at the hands of the invincible dragon ships.

Kilanos was sickened by the stories that were being bandied about by the men of the town. He sought out and found few others that felt the way he did about the actions being taken against Barad’Dun and that was when he began to hear stories about the strength, conviction, and honor of the men of Barad’Dun.

Determined to help, Kilanos heard of a gathering of men going to the aid of Barad’Dun and sought them out. They were men from the surrounding area that would not stand by and let their countrymen wipe out such strength as was shown by the peoples of Barad’Dun. The numbered 53 men in all who gathered aboard the ship belonging to one of their fellows and set sail to do what they could even if it meant dying beside those brave souls.

As luck had it, the men of Agar Falath happened upon an armada of ships that were sent to assist the people of Barad’Dun in taking back their city from the vultures that currently were picking at its wounded limbs. The men of Agar Falath were welcome into the armada once their story was told to one of the leaders, a Konradr Greywolf, who respected their decision to defy their countrymen and do the honorable thing even if it meant assisting those they were told were enemies.

After the bloody retaking of Barad’Dun, the men of Agar Falath who had lost half their number in the fighting were welcomed to stay in the city and start a new life for themselves. Though few men back home knew of what they had done, most chose to gather their families and move their lives and livelihoods to start fresh with these people they had grown to respect more then any man back home.

In the early days after the battle, Kilanos met Surt walking among the people doing nothing more then assuring them that Barad’Dun would be rebuilt and it’s former glory would be restored. The love that the people showed for Surt and the stories they told of his deeds inspired Kilanos and showed him a place that he may finally be honored to call home and people he would be glad to live with.

After having been crowned king, Surt began the rebuilding process of the city and army. Kilanos enlisted and began his training as a soldier of Barad’Dun.
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Kilanos' bio
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