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 Smtihy's Past

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PostSubject: Smtihy's Past   Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:56 am

Firalis sat back in the newly vacated seat with his clay mug of ale cupped in both hands. He regarded the old man who was trying to get the other recruits to speak about themselves.

“You want to hear my tale old man? Very well. My name is Firalis Nostarios, more properly known as Smithy I suppose. I was born to the remnants of the noble house Nostarios. I think the name started out Elvish or something. My father was an architect in the city Ered Falas. Never knew my mother. When my family, earlier generations, lived further up north we were quite wealthy but the money had long since been squandered away paying for the sin of one of my great grandparents. Which one I’m not sure of nor at this point do I care. You see we were a proud and decent family but in a lust for power one of my ancestors sided with Sauron contacting a demon to curry favor. How that vile creature wound up in our bloodline I’ve got a good guess but it’s there and I have to live with a heritage I DON’T WANT. After Sauron was defeated the first time, my family wisely fled south to Ered Falas where I was born. A couple of wizards, one or two sages, and more than a few ladies of the night have told me that there is some demon in me and I feel that I have to agree due to an ever-present anger held in check deep down inside, not to mention that the heat really doesn't bother me, or that my dreams are- Nevermind.”

He paused to sip his ale.

“Umm, I’ve been educated. I mean I can read and write and accomplish some mathematics but I never really could sit still for any length of time. I got a better sense of the world by being out in it and experiencing it rather than looking at it through some book or scroll or tome or lecture. I would spend days at a time as a child roaming the wilds with friends just to see what it looked like. That’s pretty much how I spent my youth. Not exactly a ranger because I didn’t live out there. More of a scout I guess. It wasn’t until I joined with the army of United Kingdoms that I found my calling. I found that I’m a soldier through and through and I’d already been one for years when I met Kurn. Now there was a good man. Kurn taught me all I know about making weapons. Armoursmithing I knew from before we met but he still had an influence on my methods and does to this day. He was also the one who showed the ways of Barad'Dun. I was called away by the United Kingdoms to war about a year after I tried to make a life in this great city. Our mission was to intercept as many of the Easterner ships that had sided with Sauron as we could. Shortly after I left so did Kurn but he left for a different part of the war. He across land and I across the seas.

It was after I was called away to war that I took my namesake ‘Smithy’. I made myself known by my abilities with a forge and soon it was ‘Hey you’re a smithy can you fix this?’ or ‘I’ll bet smithy could make one for you.’ I don’t know, the name sort of made sense so I kept it. Anything to take another step away from my heritage. It was during that time also that met Baccus. He said that he was pledged to a society known as Bellegrath which at the time meant nothing to me so I didn't care. Together we formed an elite unit of fighters known as the Desert Rats. Good times there. Anyway, set with this new life and name, and rather than return home when my enlistment was over I decided to travel the southern continent. Let’s see, I’ve been as far east as the shores beyond Atalante, to Agar Falath in the south. Weird city that one. I’ve traveled across the Talath Gaya many times. That was where I found Chevo my riding lizard, but how I got her is another story. As it is for these days, I’ve taken up residence in the old Outpost Seven. That’s where I ran into Konradr and Kilanos and a slew of other famous people during their adventure into the mines. ”

Smithy sat back in his chair rubbing the scar in his chest and feeling a little better for telling his past.

“That’s about it for me. If you want to know anymore ask me later.”
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Smtihy's Past
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