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 "Caretaker" Gaoeous's Bio

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PostSubject: "Caretaker" Gaoeous's Bio   Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:51 am

Prince Gaoeous also nicknamed caretaker for taking after the injured on many battlefields and his willingness to sacrifice himself for others in battle. Devoted to protecting his brother Brick and father Fannon. who were the only two in his clan that accepted and loved him. Gaoeous was the youngest prince in his clan in Angaron and because of this was often looked upon as the younger weaker prince and for being a halfbreed.

He was born by the mother Elacada and Father Fannon but did not share the same mother as his brother. His father was human and his mother was an elf so the arrangement was greatly frowned upon so his mother was put to death by The elves in her kingdom.

he became a Mercenary for not being completely accepted in the clan. The mercenary group of Avayon was a traveling group of Mercs and gained skill and strength traveling with them.

On his way he had met a fair lady named Lilith. he had completely fallen in love with her. Due to this fact he had abandoned the Avayon and settled in the realm of Barad'DĂșn where this fair lady was from. He had met many fighters in this realm and had started fighting along with several different groups. one of which was the Royal Army and also along side of The Black Lions who were also a Merc group. Now he has not vowed any recent loyalties to any groups he has came across due to his past loyalties to The Iron Hills Clan, though not completely loyal to him, and The Avayon.

I'm a terrable writer but I wanted to make an attempt:D
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"Caretaker" Gaoeous's Bio
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