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 fiberglass cores from Max Gains systems

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PostSubject: fiberglass cores from Max Gains systems   Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:18 pm

I'm cross posting this from An Tir Dearg's web forum. They are getting an order together and are willing to let us order with them if you want. However, we could also make an order ourselves. These are the hollow fiberglass tubes (1/2" and 3/4") that are light but stiff. Good for blues, Jav's and Minimum reds. These are not bandshoppe, but are a good deal for the smaller weapons.

Quote :
Some of us would like to get more hollow fiberglass cores for blues, min reds and javs from Max Gain Systems. This core material is my favorite of everything we have tried in terms of balanced weight/flex/strength. Right now I know we want to get at least one 68" jav core of the 3/4", another three 32" x 1/2" blue cores and another two 48" x 3/4" min red cores. If anyone else wants a long jav, this is THE order to get in on.

The tubes must be purchased in 8' lengths, but they will cut them down for us (to save shipping) for a minimal fee. Shipping cost will be dictated primarily by the length of the box and the 68" core is as long as we can get by with before it's really heinous. With one 68" core shipping should be about $25, unless we get more than 30lbs of stuff.
An 8' tube of 1/2" costs $6.50 (so ~$2.16 per 32" blue core)
An 8' tube of 3/4" costs $9 (so ~$4.50 per 48" min-red core or $9 per 68" jav with a really stiff 28" core as a bonus)
We'll split the shipping evenly by inches ordered across everyone's purchases.

Who wants in? You Vegas guys are welcome to hop on this and we'll bring it down at Fool's Raid. Just don't back out on me once it's ordered Wink

Something to think about after our Bandshoppe order.

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PostSubject: Re: fiberglass cores from Max Gains systems   Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:32 pm

I'm not on our bandshoppe order since I can't afford another pole after putting out thirty bucks for my bro's red and am still in debt by fifty-five bucks to Taco for my weapon and needing to build my bro's. Reminds me...need to do that this next week.

However I am interested in this in order to help add to the realms armory and at least one core for small speedstick like Surt's for me...when are they ordering?
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PostSubject: Re: fiberglass cores from Max Gains systems   Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:29 pm

Actually, Konradr, the construction of these is the same as the band poles (1/8" wall fiberglass tube), so their 1" poles are the same as band poles. This is one of the reasons I tried them out, since they are much stiffer and stronger than kitespar. We'd like to place the order within the next week or two, which should get everything here a week or more before Fool's Raid.

The only reason I wouldn't buy 1" tube from Max Gain is they don't absorb any of the shipping on oversize orders, so anything over 58" isn't pretty and anything over 68" is horrendous. We want a couple stiffer, long jav cores so we are trying to make the shipping for 68" long cores reasonable by doing a group buy. If you guys want in, this a good chance to pick some sweet cores.
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PostSubject: Re: fiberglass cores from Max Gains systems   

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fiberglass cores from Max Gains systems
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