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 Mordock, name sake and birth

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Mordy the Gnome


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PostSubject: Mordock, name sake and birth   Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:47 am

There comes a time when a man realizes he is great.
Far greater than any man can designate.

Then there is a time when a man may never come to realize this because he is an idiot.

Some would say Mordock sprouted from the ground one day. The will of nature by power of all that is disregarded in the realm. But then again, this would be if people regarded Mordock.

However, I can reassure you, Mordock has a story that requires the listener to decide what is true and what is regrettably elephant shit. We'll start off with his namesake....

Mordock could have arguably came from a misunderstanding, stemming from a 'wrong place, wrong time' event involving a confused sailor and a constipated harbor director. One could imagine that the conversation between the two went more or less like:

"You there, what is you boat doing, not but two cubits afar from my vessel?"

"Well, this seems the appropriate place to dock..... I don't even know where I am, whats the name of this place any way?"

"You landed in Barad'Dun, and if I weren't brim full of feast, I'd knock some sense into you.

"Where would you suppose I'd dock then?"

"Oh boy, I feel an itcher's call that would drop ye dead.... Look, more docks o'er there. Just get out of my face"

It was at this time a gnome had climbed onto the wooden platform, fish in mouth, when the harbor director pointed at his direction. The intent was to straighten out the poor sailor, but only caused the man to question the gnome. This entailed a lengthy interrogation of the newly acclaimed Mordock, where do I put my boat? To which Mordock replied multiple times,

"I suppose Mordock's a good as title as anything else..."

The sailor was fined and removed from the town due to the gnomes horrible assistance which resulted in the destruction of a third of the port. Lucky for him, Mordock's new acquired title was absurd enough for him to escape blame the sailor hastily rested on his shoulders.

But then again, its an absurd story to an absurd gnome.

More believable, however, would be his original name being Murdock. The change came from the town census being signed wrong. Mordock was signed because the u was more closed than open. Morodck likes o's; he finds their unendingness comforting. He stuck with name for the sake of pride and, "of course its Mordock, its always been."

There are plenty of stories, but alas, names are for friends. I think your story as to how he got his name is more fathomable than how he would tell it.

The one thing that can be assured to you, in a world of false reassuring, is his habit of conquering wild animals.

Yet, how this came to be could be a number of stories.

First of which, would be his family of gnomes out in desert of Talath Gaya. The animals that reside there became sport for the family to tame and use as mounts. From giant spiders, to elephants. Saber tooths to the sandskrit burrowers. Mordock was raised to appreciate the bounty of life in an unforgiving wasteland. One that required a great depth of regard to survive an ever vigilant sun, and fleeting water source. Yet, never once did Mordock go with out.... Urine, though bitter, is a good way to recycle.....

Recycling is not only eco-friendly, but it also allows the makes for;
Well, Mordock could how to use anything for just about anything...

A more fantastic way of his upbringing would be his sprout from the ground get go. To which the story would follow a similar pattern as the latter, but, with the first 3 decades of his life being that of an observing tree. After this period, a putrid, foul flower was put into bloom, taking the roll of the womb. The countenance, I believe, is again nature's way of recycling all the unused portions it has given to all life forms. In a way, one can say the land was Mordock's matron.

But then again, it what you decide to believe, or you can make it up for your self.
Truths, are few and far between. Of course there is an absolute Mordock origin. Fairy tales are recycle stories, to which some parts are mistranslated. However, it is the core message that is truly important. I tell you as soon as I figure it out myself.
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PostSubject: Re: Mordock, name sake and birth   Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:15 pm

love it mordock sorry i haven't read it till now!
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Mordock, name sake and birth
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