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 Me and Romeo sparring, 4-10-10

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PostSubject: Me and Romeo sparring, 4-10-10   Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:45 am

Well, I was proud of myself. I actually had energy at the very beginning of practice today, and we caught some of it on Video. Me and Romeo were sparring and we were having epic fighting apprantly so Romeo asked Anthony to video tape us. I was using the new 'Chopper' sword I made with a 3/8 square fiberglass core. Romeo was using my 30" sword also made with a 3/8 square fiberglass core. Both sturdy, light and fast swords. The reason I am proud is because I tore him up. I won like 2 or 3 fights before the video taping and if you count, I killed him 4 more times until, finally, tired as heck, I was gimped and he got me. By then I was done. But with a smile on my face (well, later, you don't see the smile in the vid, I was pooped)