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 eryndor Football

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PostSubject: eryndor Football   Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:39 pm

My perception of how they play after watching the Ragnarok 22 dvd.

They have two teams and a field with two goal lines. Each team starts at their goal lines. The ball is a small handsized round ball.

They have a 'kick off' which is a throw in.

Each team is divided into linesmen with shield and blue weapons, and a backfield (3/4?) with single blues.

A backfielder picks up the ball and runs with it. His linesmen block by shield bash and killing the other linesmen. The ball handler tries to get around the lines or through it to run across the goal line and score.

Didn't see enough to tell any of the following for sure, but I'm going to take a guess:

Can lateral the ball to another backfielder or can pass the ball over the lines to a backfielder operating as a wide reciever. However, backfielders must maintain possesion of weapon at all times.

If the ball carrier is killed the ball is downed there. Each team has 4 downs to score or the ball turns over at the spot of the 4th down.

When the ball is down, linesmen form in front of it. Backfielder puts hand on ball, ball must start on the ground. Herald yells 'lay on'. Backfielder picks ball up and runs with it, laterals it or passes it.

Opposing linesmen try to kill the offensive teams linesmen or get around them to kill the backfielders.

All killed players resurrect for each down.

Each score is one point.

Play on time limit or first to score 5 points.

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PostSubject: Re: eryndor Football   Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:53 am

sounds like fun..........but can be tiring.
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eryndor Football
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