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 Fire Archery

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PostSubject: Fire Archery   Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:11 am

Fire Archery contest.

Stuff just pops into my head and I have to write it down before I explode, even if its silly.

So this would be nice at he lake but alas, not everyone at the lake would agree, so..... We have lots of empty desert to fill in for the Sea.

So, Ranulf the Great of the Nor Islands, has died. His body is laid on his finest ship, the 'Sea Wolf'. It is set adrift into the currant of the Great Fjord. With its black sail aloft, it has drifted faster than expected and is now at the maximum distance of the Norse Longbow. Djarl, Son of Ranulf hoists a bag of silver above their heads and says it goes to the first Archer to land a fire arrow on the ship and set it alight.

So make a Target or several, Miniature Viking ships, out of Cardboard. Paint em up nice. Make a body of cloth for old Ranulf. Put some dry grass over him. Make a mast and sail of cardboard and paper. (or even cloth) Soak the bad boy in some flammable liquid or just the body and tinder.

Buy cheap target arrows and wrap the heads with cloth soaked in the same flammable liquid. A helper must set them alight once the archer is nocked.

Put this target as far out as the best archer can shoot. Use one target for all archers with each archer taking one shot per round, or give each archer his own target at the same distance and let them shoot continuously until there is a winner.

In the first case the Winner is he who first sets fire to the target. In the second, whomever has their ship completely burned first. Completely burned, if the fire goes out and the target is not completely burned, the Archer must continue to shoot upon it.

Everyone should have the same number of arrows. Contest is a draw if everyone runs out of arrows and noone has hit the target or noone has set it completely afire.

Winner must figure out who Djarl is and where he's hiding to get the bag of silver.

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Fire Archery
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