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 The English Arrow bag....

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PostSubject: The English Arrow bag....   Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:00 am

Thanks to Kilanos, I now have a bunch of arrows that I put gray covers on. I need to get another bow. However, rather than a quiver to carry the arrows (like the back quiver that Smithy uses) what do you guys think of the possibility of the 'English Arrow Bag'.

These were canvas bags with a wood and leather framework (and straw to protect the cloth from the arrowheads). They carried a 'Sheaf' of arrows, which is 24 arrows, for English longbow. The archer would carry the bag and set it on the ground, drawing arrows directly from the bag. Here are some pics as reference:

I like the tapered version in the drawing rather than the narrow one's in the pictures. My thought is this. A tapered, cone shaped bag made of a PVC tube frame for several arrows, surrounded by foam (for safety) then cloth. It would have some kind of a handle or strap so that it could be grabbed and run with, then set down on its wide base so that arrows could be drawn from use.

An idea, what's the feasibility? Useful or crap?

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PostSubject: Re: The English Arrow bag....   Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:40 pm

Not crap but I don't see the all round usefulness in it. Having something like that for a castle siege would be cool. But other than that. . . . .
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The English Arrow bag....
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