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 Even Dag people need to smell nice!

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PostSubject: Even Dag people need to smell nice!   Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:58 am

Hey guys! Just wanted to do some solicitating lol

My mom/sister's soap business Soakitup is doing a demonstration at Lummis Elementary this saturday, from 8am - 12pm. They are offering all of their products (soaps, shower gels, bathbombs, soapaluffas, sugar scrubs) which include a variety of scents (Honey Almond, Blackberry Apple, Lemon) and some new flavors (Rose Mint, Blueberry Lemon and Petchuli)!

They also have an etsy page which shows off their exotic oatmeal exfoliating scrub and for the coffee lover the vanilla coffee bar!

As a fyi all products are handmade from scratch, perfect for those that have sensitive skin (and for those that have a sensitive nose can request a scentless soap) and all products do not contain 'Paraben', a chemical commenly found in other bath and cleaning products, which has been found to be a factor in breast cancer.

So do me a favor, check out their page, and if u like something just ask or even buy. Oh, and guys should check it out too. There's a reason ladies buy men their soap.

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Even Dag people need to smell nice!
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